Point of view: danish.

A flag is a visual representation of a community or nation.

How we use the flag in Denmark:
How we officially should use the flag:
little flags on cakes, christmans trees etc

Waving flags for partys or airports

At sport events

In the pole for family events

In the pole for national anniversaries
90 %

78 %

31 %

63 %

32 %

My birthday october 29th.
Letters from Denmark:
The cake:
Attending a Taiwanese friend's birthday:

Danes use their flag very casually and private, even though we have 68 pages of rules for how to use the flag. Exposing the danish way of using a flag to another culture was a big surprise, and she took it very seriouly in the beginning, but efter a while she saw the fun in it.


We take our flag with us everywhere! Danes use it for private events and celebrations both in sadness and happiness - compared to many other contries. It is in a way a part of our identity, even though we are not aware of it.

I want to state how a flag is being something you use for intimate/personal occasions - even though the offical rules of how to use the flag states otherwise. For me this is actually quite iconic and something that makes me consider what a flag actually stands for - is it the nation or the people a flag represents?
Intention: ironically stating how the flag is being used for private celebrations by using the flag in a super private occasions.
Intension: showing how the flag is a part of us and a part of our identity. (idea: making her smile instead, so you don't get the wrong idea!)
Intention: by translating the Danish way of using a flag into another scale, I got a statement just by the look on her face!
My birthday last year /in Shanghai.
My birthday two years ago /in Ghana.
Intention: mock up of how identity can be translated through cake-celebrations.
Inspiration photos from a project from Fiac.
Statistics on how many danes use the flag for what:

"A flag as something you use for private occansions".

I brought all of my classmates a cake with their flag and name on it. Giving them the same surprise as Amber had, since they all are foreigners to me. The expression on her face made it clear how weird it is that we use our flag for private occasions. What do we really need a flag for? Ourselves or the nation?